Luxury Travel Croatia

Luxury Travel Croatia

Luxury travel means a memorable experience followed by comfort, exclusivity, sophisticated knowledge, constant availability and flexibility, but Luxury Travel Croatia brings even more to it.

Our standards of luxury

“Luxury lives in the finer detail. It’s a cloth napkin at a dinner table. It’s a mint on your pillow before bed.”

When talking about luxury our offer includes best vehicles of Mercedes Benz brand, sedans and Mini vans with a private chauffeur that will be available to you regardless of time. With luxury there come lavish, five star hotels with attentive services for comfort and relaxation after long day of exploring busy city streets or some of the natural beauties this wonderful area is bursting with.

What we offer

Mercedes Benz sedans and Mini vans

Private chaffeur available 24/7

Overnights in 5 star hotels

Travel agent at disposal 24/7

Local guides in cities and areas you will visit

Tailored trips and flexible itinerary

The Luxury travel Croatia’s definition of traveling

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

When talking about travel, to us it means immersing into culture and history, beauty and attractiveness of places you visit, and embracing and living a lifestyle of a certain area with all its savors and flaws, flavors and scents, and there is no better way of experiencing this kind of traveling but with a local guide on a Luxury travel Croatia’s handpicked, tailored trip that allows flexibility in its itinerary. When traveling with us we want to make sure that you don’t just see authentic places, we want you to participate and feel, which is why we only work with guides who have peculiar knowledge of the places we visit. They will introduce you to every sight in a personal and meaningful way, so that each and every one gets under your skin. We like to think that there is no possibility of putting a price tag on an enjoyable experience that is an enrichment and an education that will be long remembered.


Croatian travel rhapsody

“Croatia- myth about the beauty that really exists”

            When taking a Luxury travel through Croatia we will make sure that your every expectation is met and exceeded. Traveling around Croatia and its neighbor countries means first visiting its big, beautiful and crowded capitals that luxuriate in culture, as well as some small cities that have a significant meaning for each and every country or region you visit. Luxury travel Croatia would be nothing if there weren’t the visits to extraordinary national parks of Croatia that are truly one of a kind, and that give you just a small insight into why Croatia’s nature is considered one of the purest and most beautiful in the world. Our impregnable castles, mysterious caves, clear rivers, interesting ethno villages, elegant and ancient palaces, small churches, lonely hills, antique towns and breathtaking islands are all untypical places and hidden jewels that are a true representation of what Croatia really is. But we don’t stop there. As we said earlier, we don’t want you just to see, we want you also to participate and feel, and that is why we will take you to taste exquisite and unrivalled gastronomy of each region. We are sure you will be astounded regardless if you are having a gala dinner in Dubrovnik, or a simple lunch in one of Istria’s small, traditional restaurants.


Whether you have decided to take on a multiday tour, or a simple, yet contentful day trip, we will make sure it stays with you in a shape of a pleasant memory.