Custom Tours Croatia

Custom Tours Croatia

You are spending your time in Croatia and you are not sure where which attractions you can visit or which activities you can go for? We have a solution! With our Custom Inquiry Form you will specify and find a niche where to go and what to do. Fill it up and let’s create the tour together!

Use TAB to choose if you want Custom Day tour from Split or Custom Multi Day tour of Croatia and surrounding Countries.

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Scroll below custom tour inquiry form to see all details about our tours!

Customizing and Booking process 

There are few steps we need to go through to create your tour. So, let’s find out how does it look.

 1. You need to fill up Custom Tour Inquiry Form

2. We will check your inquiry and send you approximate price with approximate Travel Itinerary

3. You need to check if quoted price is acceptable, as well as itinerary and let us know if we can proceed further.

4. Changes and Updated. This part is possible that will last longer in case of Private Multi Day Tours of Croatia and Beyond. Once we agree all details we will conclude all details.

5. Payment of deposit or full payment and issuing a Travel Voucher

How do we provide the service?

This should be first question out of all, but let’s describe it now. We are Travel Agency based in Split, Croatia. We do Private Day Tours from Split and Private Multi Day Tours in Croatia and Beyond – Custom Tours Croatia. For travel services we use Our Vehicles and Partially our Boats and Boats from our Partners located in Split and Dubrovnik. 

For Multi Day tours, we tend to use One Private Driver and One Private Vehicle during the whole trip. We don’t switch drivers or cars, unless it is agreement by Client and Agency. 

Walking tours / City tours are always provided by Private Local Guide. So, what is Private Local Guide? It is person who lives in certain City and provides the walking tour or city tour of that city. Imagine guide named Maria who lives in Dubrovnik. So, traveling throughout Croatia and spending few nights in Dubrovnik on the way would require to use her services and she is our Private Local guide in Dubrovnik.

Driver / tour guide actually has two functions. It is person who drives you and provides you all essential information for your pleasant journey. English Speaking Person who will give you general point of view for Croatia and other Countries which you will eventually visit and probably become your friend.