Private Day Trips from Split

Private Day Trips From Split

You are traveling to Split, or maybe somewhere around and you would like to experience something special? We will help you in finding the best Private Day Trips From Split. Wondering if you are an adventurer, lazy one, crazy one or you just want to enjoy in the sun and drink your beer, we will offer something special for each one of “you”.

Unique Travel Experience

We agree that an ordinary is boring. Why would you do something what each tourist has done, or eat pizza when you can eat it everywhere, or maybe go to shopping when you can do that probably in your town or country.

Catch some memories with 10 great Day Trips From Split and experience something special.

Number 1: Krka & Wine tasting private tour

Amazing National park, unique harmony of beautiful waterfalls, stunning nature and once in a lifetime opportunity to swim in the National Park under the big waterfall. Probably you’ve heard about this miracle of nature and we won’t waste your time on describing it. Another part of the Trip is absolutely amazing local House with pig farm where is made the best prosciutto in Croatia. Owners don’t want to have too many tourists, so this is an extraordinary opportunity to take 3 or 5 course meal and enjoy in delicious local meals.

Number 2: Hidden Jewel of Dalmatian Inland – Cave Vranjaca

Here is something “off the beaten path”, simply stunning and undiscovered. 60 million years old cave, yes you read it correctly, cave is 60 million years old cave! Only 25km from Split and not so many people know about it. It is safest cave in Croatia where are sometimes played concerts. It is privately owned cave with amazing owners who dedicated their life discovering its beauty. Off the beaten path tour!

Number 3: Private Blue Cave Tour Split

Are almost 2 hours speedboat ride worth visiting this miracle of nature? Definitely YES! Simply stunning, naturally created Blue Cave on small island Bisevo near famous island Vis. One of the most popular places in Dalmatia with more than thousand visitors per day. Must see!

Number 4: Klis, Salona & Trogir private tour

Can you imagine that capital city of Roman Empire was town Salona only 2 kilometers away from Split?! It is still there, it is simply undiscovered and 80% of town is still buried. But this 20% what we can see are simply amazing. Dalmatia is hiding the biggest Christian cemeteries secret in its Amphitheatre. Architecture is stunning and this ancient town is one of the most popular places.

Number 5: Private Blue Lagoon Tour Split

We are coming back to the sea, blue lagoons, snorkeling and many more activities on the sea. This unique place is a combination of perfect harmony of relaxing nature and activities around it. You have options to enjoy in a sun and spend lazy afternoon there, or take an adrenalin tour with kayak or jet ski to get to the blue lagoon.

Number 6: Private day trip from Split to Dubrovnik

What else we need to write about this amazing town? Probably you’ve heard about it, so we won’t spend time describing it. Only thing that matters is that we can organize  tour through town Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) or maybe take a Wine Tour on Island Peljesac and taste some of the most famous Croatian wines.

Number 7: Private boat tour Split to Hvar

Perfect combination of Architecture, Nature, Great nightlife, Hidden beaches, Luxurious resorts and much more to see. Great one day trip, really worth it. Probably you will see dolphins on our way there. One of the most popular Day Trips from Split is waiting for you to experience it 🙂

Number 9: Plitvice Lakes private tour from Split

What else to say about most popular National Park with more than one million visitors per year. UNESCO protected heritage, boat ride, tram ride, big waterfall, unique experience with great local tour guide. This is something Must see and once in a lifetime opportunity to explore it. Give it a shot!

Number 10: Mostar & Herzegovina & Waterfalls

Road goes through Dalmatian Inland, first stopping to Imotski and sightseeing of two amazing lakes. Next stop can be either Mostar, or Kravice Waterfalls. Enjoy in amazing medieval town, taste Bosnian food, buy something cheap, swim in waterfalls and get back home 🙂

If you didn’t find the tour you would be interested in, please check out more on Private Tours Split and find the perfect one!

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