Frequently asked questions


How long Experience Dalmatia operate and how many employees you have?

Experience Dalmatia is privately owned company, owner and founder is Mario Baric. We started our journey in 2014. Our main goal is to keep excellent quality of service and get positive feedback from guests. We have 8 employees at the moment.

In which countries do you operate?

We are based in Split, Croatia. We private day tours form Split area and private multi day tours in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Possible pick-up and drop-of can be in Italy (Venice, Trieste, Milano), Austria (Vienna), Hungary (Budapest), Serbia (Belgrade) – depending on your flights. For any other possible pick up or drop off, please send us an inquiry. 

Are all your tours private?

All tours on website are private and we provide only private tours. Some Activities in private multi day tours, or private day tours can be group – like Blue Cave entrance where you get into smaller boats and enter the cave or truffle tasting in Istria.

What is a private tour?

Private tour is a travel package/travel tour for people who don’t want to travel with other people – who want to travel their own way. Private tour also means having private transportation (private car or mini-van with private driver or maybe private boat with private skipper). Other private services can be private guides in cities or at attractions, having private chef etc.

What is difference between private tour and tailor made tour?

Extension to private tours would be tailor made tours, but again, tailor made tours are also private tours – just adjusted to your special needs and wishes.

Difference can be understood also that Private tour is travel package which is already created while tailor made tour needs to be created based on your wishes and requirements.

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How big groups can be?

Groups for private multi day tours and private day tours are up to 8 people which can fit in van. For larger groups we use two vans – up to 16 people total. Even larger groups can fit in a bus. For private boat tours groups can be up to 12 people or more combining more boats. 

How do we travel around and have guided tours?

Way how we work is that you have private driver / tour guide during your tour. Except driving, you will have person who will help you with logistic issues during the tour. Driver / tour guide will provide you basic information about sights you will visit, coordinate meetings with private local guides and communicate about your needs with Agency. Private guided tours will be held by licensed local guides in areas you will visit. It is actually only and legal way to have guided tours is by using local guides because every region in Croatia requires guides from that region.

What language will driver or guide speak?

Private Drivers / tour guides speak excellent English (C1 level), while private local guides can do guided tours on many other languages depending on availability and possibility.

Who will book Hotels?

Hotels can be booked directly by you, with our assistance if needed. Another option is that we book Hotels. Experience Dalmatia works with 4* and 5* Hotels. We do not book apartments for rent or villas for rent.

Why multi day tour packages don't have written price?

Price depends on more things and vary in high and low season. First and most important is if you want to have included Hotels in your tour package. Hotel prices vary a lot depending on date and availability. We calculate multi day tour cost per request, but it is transparent which costs we will apply and in which range. Approximate base price is 350€ per day for driving services, plus other costs.

Do we need a VISA to travel to Croatia?

Experience Dalmatia is not responsible for you not having proper travel documents. Please check with your embassy if you need visa to travel to Croatia or/and other countries.

How do I pay for private multi day tour or private day tour?

For multi day tour packages with included Hotels payment process is 20% to secure booking and rest of payment 4 weeks before through bank transfer or credit card.

For multi day tours packages without Hotels you can pay 20% and rest of payment upon arrival.

For private day tours you can pay 20% for reservation and rest of payment at the end of the tour.

In case you want to pay with credit card additional fee is 5%. Please check out T&C for more info.

Are meals included in the price of multi day tour?

Meals are never included, only if we have booked Hotels it includes breakfast

Activities like local food tasting, wine tasting with snacks are optional part of travel package.

Is airfare included in price?

Airfare is NEVER included in price, prices includes only ground services like transportation, Hotels, activities etc.

Is personal travel insurance included?

Personal travel insurance is not included. Please take insurance before arriving to Croatia.