Split Shopping Guide

A magnet on the fridge, a scarf that was purchased in a hurry, or a figurine that is now a dust magnet on your commode are always a good reminder of how enriched we become with every trip we go to, no matter how big or small it is. Coming home from a trip and giving your beloved ones a little souvenir from a visited destination makes your trip memorable (and is always a good excuse to tell over and over again about how great your trip was).

While in Split, you will notice there are many small and adorable shops buried in the stone walls of an ancient palace, each and every one of them offering traditional Croatian souvenirs, wine, oil etc., but since you are in Split (the most beautiful town in the world), we can’t let you go home without reading this Split Shopping Guide, which will hopefully give you a few interesting ideas on how to gladden your family and friends, but most of all yourself!


Split Green Market – always fresh and lively

Undoubtedly the best place in town to get fresh fruit and vegetables that will keep you strong and motivated to walk around and admire beauties of Split, but also a great place to see and experience since old farmers come there to sell their products, let you taste them before buying and negotiate on price. It is the place where you can still feel the spirit of Dalmatia and the Mediterranean.

The Market also meshes with stores that sell clothes, sunglasses, purses and different souvenirs.


The best of the Adriatic sea is to be found on a Split Fish Market

It is just fascinating to watch all the activity that happens only in the early morning hours on a small part of a famous Marmontova Street. The fishermen literally come straight from the sea to the market in order to sell what was caught earlier that morning. It showcases a wide variety of seafood – dentex, sprats, sardines, sea bass, mackerels, red scorpionfish, red porgy, lobsters and sea shells. It is lively, murmurous, colorful and simply fun!


Nered Shop – Happiness is handmade

In the middle of the Diocletian’s palace, there is this creative shop called ‘Nered’ (‘Mess’) that sells a little bit of everything for everybody. Some of the coolest things that you can find there are ceramics that are decorated in smart and funny ways, Chu Chu Turbans and totally atypical souvenirs and quite chic gifts.

There is a selection of wonderful decorative jewelry, Mura Pehnec bags, and hundreds of other products all made by designers and artisans from the region.


Filigran Split – beauty recognized by generations

Entering this shop that has been there for four generations will make you feel special since you will be welcomed by the filigree master himself!

Filigree jewelry is made of thin gold threads that bend and glitter, interconnect and form complex motifs, sometimes combined with tiny metal balls. There is a wide offer of filigree bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and brooches, and often the owners show a delicate process of making the jewelry.

Filigran Split is not on the Split Shopping Guide lost for no reason – this jewelry is authentic and appealing to everyone who appreciates hard work that results in enchanting beauty.


Authentic Stella Croatica

Stella Croatica is situated in Klis, a few minutes away from Split, and it has been known for producing traditional Dalmatian delicacies. Top-quality olive oil, figs, almonds and citrus desserts, healthy snacks with honey, a range of delicious cookies, jams and spreads, are an integral part of a unique offer.

Probably the best part of the shopping experience here is a guided gastro tour through a production area, olive garden and ethno village.


Chocolate shop Nadalina

After the 2013 Chocolate Gramophone Plate that you can listen to but also eat, and the defeat of Guinness World’s Largest Chocolate World Record, Nadalina has begun to conquer the hearts of many citizens of Split and basically anyone who tastes this unique chocolate.

There is a special black chocolate line of Nadalina – Organic chocolate that has won prestigious awards, and we can’t wait for you to taste it.

With the shop being in the heart of Diocletian’s palace, finding the shop and finally tasting the chocolate will be an experience to remember.


These shops and markets are not only considered to be places where you can buy food or souvenirs, they are a big part of an identity of Split. Visiting these places means experiencing local culture through an engagement with local products and local craftspeople, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to explore and learn at the same time, and all that while shopping. What a combination!


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