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Best time to visit Croatia

Are you determined to visit Croatia but do not know when would be the best timing? If you are reading this, there is no need for endless internet scrolling since we already researched it for you! You need to know a few pieces of information before you find out the best time to visit Croatia.


Firstly, from a tourist point of view, a year can be divided into three categories. Those categories are off-season (low season), shoulder season, and peak season (high season). The most popular is the peak season, which begins about mid-June and finishes mid-September. Although a lot of people consider those months to be perfect for their vacation, it might be different for you. 


The next thing to note is that prices vary depending on which travel period it is. That information is significant for those of you who want to travel on a budget.

And the last thing to consider is the type of vacation you desire. Croatia can offer a lot of possibilities whether you are interested in a city break, business travel, or maybe a relaxing holiday. 

Off-season travel

The off-season period starts about November and finishes in May. This particular period of the year is the time when a lot of businesses catered to tourists close, especially in the Dalmatia region. The temperatures in the wintertime can be low, especially in the inland area of the country. Flights are not as frequent as they are in the summer and spring months, but you can make your way around by booking a flight to a neighboring country and doing a tour.

You might then ask: “Is it even worth coming to Croatia in this period of the year”? Well, the prices are significantly lower and you get a better chance to experience the culture of local people. If you consider yourself a person who does not mind throwing on a winter coat and a pair of gloves, then this could be your ideal time to visit! 

Activities to enjoy in the off-season:

The best activities you can do in this period are centered around the bigger towns such as Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Dubrovnik.

Previously mentioned towns are also a great option for those who are searching for a cozy hotel with a business hall or wellness options.

December is a special time in Croatia. In Zagreb, you can find a lot of cultural events, concerts, and such events during the Christmas season. The city won The Best Christmas market award three years in a row due to its rich decorations and offer.

Late January and February are reserved for carnivals all over the country. The most famous one is the Rijeka Carnival that gathers people from every corner of Croatia.

If you are a fan of nature do not miss visiting the Plitvice lakes. If you are lucky they will be covered in snow and ice. That will be a scenery you will never forget!

Shoulder season travel

Shoulder season typically starts in May until mid-June and again in mid-September, and finishes in October. This period is potentially the perfect one you can aim for and a lot of people agree that this is the best time to visit Croatia. The first guests are starting to arrive around the time of Easter vacation. 

The weather is still unpredictable, but it is mostly sunny and warm. Usually, the sea is good enough for swimming or you could sunbathe on the beach. Businesses are starting to reopen and they still keep the prices relatively low. That is good news for all of you that want to collect more experiences! 

This season is great for travelers that enjoy sightseeing and outdoor activities since it is possible to get around the towns easier.

Activities to enjoy in the shoulder season:

The shoulder season in Croatia is great because it allows you to enjoy almost all the activities that you could in a peak season period.

If you are interested in history and sightseeing we propose private tours to towns Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar. Make a private day trip from Split to Dubrovnik and walk around its cobbled stoned streets without the annoying crowds or check out Split and Trogir UNESCO heritage sites with a professional tour guide.

Visiting national parks is a wonderful option. The beauty of the Krka national park and Plitvice lakes will make you reconnect with nature. Combine it with some hiking or biking in the trails and make your vacation a nature retreat. Just make sure you are following all the safety rules! Maybe it is perfect time to enjoy in Croatia private tours with private driver / tour guide and discover Croatia and Balkans in a perfect way.

Keep in mind that the activities in the shoulder season are affected by weather conditions. 


High season (or peak-season) is the time in which Croatia has the most guests from all around the world. It lasts from mid-June until mid-September. The most popular region is Dalmatia with its wonderful coast filled with numerous islands. 

At this time of the year, the transportation lines are more frequent. Although that is great news, traffic jams and long queues can occur so you need to arm yourself with patience.

Summer in Croatia can get very warm and dry and that is one of the reasons why the coastal area is so wanted. Spf, sunglasses and a big hat are going to be your best friend during the vacation!

Activities to enjoy in the peak-season:

Summer in Croatia is ideal for outdoor activities. One of them being festivals. Amazing music festivals such as Ultra music festival, INmusic, Hideout festival, and many more local ones will fill you with the positive energy you need. In case you are looking for something calmer, you can visit the Špancirfest in town Varaždin. This event is held at the end of August and is a street/music festival that combines gastronomy with art and music.

Besides the festivals, this is the perfect timing for exploring the islands. Private boat tours are the best way to see the highlights. The blue cave tour, Blue lagoon tour, Brač island tour are just some of the examples of must-see locations. 

For those with an adventurous spirit, a rafting tour on the river Cetina would be a great choice.


In conclusion, each season has its pros and cons, depending on your preferences. Perhaps the best time to visit Croatia would be shoulder season since that is the time when the weather conditions are right, the crowds are not large, prices are not sky high and the offer is still rich.

This travel period is a middle ground considering the hectic tempo of peak season and low activity of off-season. 


Now you have hopefully collected all the necessary information about your holiday in Croatia and started planning your next step!

In case you need extra help from professional travel designers, check out custom tours Croatia.