Best things to do in Split Croatia

Best things to do in Split Croatia

Packing your bags, and coming to Split this summer? Take a seat and read what the citizens of that historical, yet modern and contentful city, are recommending as best things to do, visit and experience in Split Croatia.
When it comes to Split, there is only one thing to remember – there is a little bit of everything for every curious, romantic, adventurous and spontaneous soul out there. Whether you are coming with your family, friends or love of your life, here you will find at least one little thing that is going to amaze you and make you come back here again.

Best things to do in Split Croatia Experience Dalmatia



Diocletian’s palace is basically the heart of Split that was built by Emperor Diocletian in 305 AD. Basically, Diocletian’s palace is made of narrow, stone streets (no heels recommended girls) that are connected in so many ways that there is no chance of you getting lost, amazing facades that will probably make you stumble into people quite often, and stunning basements that were part of emperor’s chambers.
Every single part of the palace is used as residential space, space for great restaurants, shops, and cafes, but if you turn on your imagination just for a little, you will be able to imagine the ancient times – soldiers and servants walking around the north part of the palace that was made just for them, and Diocletian and his family having dinner with their honored guests in the southern part of palace. If you are having a hard time imagining all that, no worries, there are guides all over the place that can help you with that.


In ancient times, the Peristyle was a place where the Emperor would appear under the architrave, and his subjects would approach him, kneeling down, kissing the hem of his scarlet cloak.
Today, citizens of Split like to call it the central of the world, and you will see why if you walk around there in the evenings: dim lights, a romantic sound of a guitar, a singer with a smooth voice, laughter, dancing (for the brave ones), drinking wine, and absorbing that atmosphere with every sense you’ve got. I don’t know about you, but I am sure those romantic ones will mark this as one of the Best things to do in Split Croatia.

Best things to do in Split Croatia Experience Dalmatia



Looking for the most amazing views?
The Bell tower gives you a panoramic view on Split and small cities surrounding it, as well as a view on beautiful Adriatic Sea and its pearls, islands of Hvar, Brac and Solta.
On the other hand, the hill of Marjan, so called Split’s lungs, gives you a great opportunity to get some fresh air while walking, running, riding a bike, or kayaking, but on the top of it all, it gives you an opportunity to have the most amazing view of entire Split.

WATCH SUNSETS ON SUSTIPAN – One of the Best things to do in Split Croatia

Is there anything more beautiful than a colorful sunset over an open sea? Well, you guessed, Split can offer you that as well, but not just anywhere. If you take a nice long walk down the Split’s promenade and head for the southwestern part of Split, you will find yourself on Sustipan, a ness with a lovely park that is a perfect spot for a picnic and enjoying nature’s biggest masterpiece – sunsets.


Bacvice are a natural phenomenon, sandy beach in the southeastern part of Split, and when talking about best things to do in Split Croatia, this beach is probably a paradise for those who are looking for some action. As soon as you step on Bacvice, you will notice people standing in the shallow parts of the sea, grouped in circles and throwing themselves around to keep a ball in the air. This game is called ‘picigin’ and if you think it is easy, go ahead and try, we’re sure you will be disabused, and have lots of fun.


Whoever says Split is only about gazing at old buildings, and watching sunsets and sea, that person is very wrong! Day trips from Split to nearby places like Omis, are a perfect opportunity to get away from crowded streets and enjoy what Croatia’a beautiful nature has to offer, plus you get to experience some cool things like zip line or rafting.
Rafting on Cetina is a three and a half hour long trip down river Cetina that gives you some wild and unique experiences that will boost your adrenaline, and all that accompanied by a skipper!


The best things to do in Split Croatia are not only to be found in Split, but also in the towns and islands surrounding it. Therefore, you can choose among many places to visit, but our warmest recommendations go to visiting Trogir, a delightful small town that is, as Split, under UNESCO protection; Krka, river with many waterfalls, and contents that will leave you speechless; Caves that are a true hidden jewel of Dalmatia; Zadar and its famous sea organs; Fortress of Klis for Game of Thrones fans; and Dalmatian islands such as Hvar and Brac that give you a true representation of why Dalmatia is such an amazing place to visit.


Practically everywhere you go in Split you will find small restaurants hidden in the walls of the palace, with tables in narrow streets that give you that special feeling of truly belonging to Split. When having a nice dinner, don’t be afraid to try all sorts of wines, since Dalmatian islands are known for making one of the best wines, but also try ‘rakija’ that is a sort of an aperitif.
Also, be free to try some of Dalmatia’s specialties like ‘pasticada’ that will blow you away, but you are also welcome to try all sorts of sea food and desserts.

Best things to do in Split Croatia Experience Dalmatia


If you have any questions, or are looking for some recommendations, be free to ask the locals. They are all friendly and will always help when they are asked to. Most of the young people speak English, so you will have no problem with communication.

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