Best Day Trips from Split Croatia

Day trips from Split are an excellent way of seeing all the beautiful places that are practically at hand reach.

You can take on private tours, but also you can explore these destinations on your own by renting a car, motorcycle or taking a ferry.

Have fun!

UNESCO’s sweetheart Trogir

Being one of the most preserved towns on Dalmatian coast, Trogir has kept an atmosphere of an old town with most of the life circulating around the Main Square and promenade. Narrow stone streets are surrounded by buildings built in Romanesque and Renaissance styles. Some of the most famous buildings are the cathedral on the Main Square, City hall, Cipica Palace, the Lodge and Tower Kamerlengo.

Trogir has been known for years now as a temporary home for some of the biggest yachts settling on its shores, and a lovely place to spend a hot summer evening in.

Best Day Trips from Split Croatia Experience Dalmatia


Playful game of lights and sounds in Zadar

With the lively street Kalelarga as the main street since Roman times, Zadar is another Dalmatian town that has been influenced by ancient cultures, so if there is one thing you won’t be missing there, it is a historic thread that flows through the town.

Some of the sights that are nice to be seen are the Land Gate Zadar, the Square of Five Wells and the Park of Queen Helen, the Church of St. Donat and the largest cathedral in Dalmatia – St Paul’s Cathedral.

Contrary to historical remains, on the southwestern part of the shore there are the symbols of Zadar’s unique contemporaryity and originality. Unique Sea Organs and colorful Sun Salutation are a wow factor that stays with you permanently.


National Park Krka

The Best Day Trips from Split Croatia list wouldn’t be complete without one of the most astonishing sights in all of Dalmatia, the Krka River.

Along with its seven waterfalls and a highly developed pedestrian pathway, this park allows every nature lover to approach crystal clear water, which for years represents the phenomenon of natural beauty and identity of the karst region.

Unlike many other national parks, Krka is welcoming any brave individual to swim in its ice cold waters.


National Park Plitvice Lakes

Although it is on a few hour drive from Split, Plitvice Lakes are worth every minute of your travel, since it is undoubtedly one of The Best Day Trips from Split Croatia.

The area of the park consists of spacious forest complexes, lakes and waterfalls and rich flora and fauna. It is also a home of many different plant species and animals, but what really catches every visitor’s eye are the lakes and the waterfalls.

There are 16 cascading lakes that are interconnected by unbelievable waterfalls, and thanks to the wooden footbridges and pathways across the rumbling water you will have an unbelievable view of the lakes and the waterfalls.


Lazy day on island Brac

A short ferry drive from Split will take you to a beautiful Croatian island, the island of Brac, and once you get there you should go straight to Bol, a small town known for an impressive beach – Zlatni rat.

Zlatni rat is a pebbly beach that draws crowds of swimmers and windsurfers, and is a perfect opportunity to spend a day in a summer atmosphere. That means laying on the beach, swimming in the transparent water, and assigning for a few water sports. Enjoy!


One and only – Hvar

The sunniest island of Adriatic has much to offer, actually so much that a day trip might be short, but hey, it is better to see some parts of it than not to see it at all.

The main square, The Cathedral and the Hvar Theater are all in the heart of Hvar’s old town that is considered to be an important historic monument, but one thing that will make your jaws drop are the medieval city walls and Fortica. Once you climb to the top of the walls, you will see why this trip is considered to be one of the Best Day Trips from Split Croatia.


Magnificent Dubrovnik

When it comes to Dubrovnik a man doesn’t even know where to start!

The walls, the main street, all the small streets with restaurants, places where Game of thrones was made, the beaches, it is all too overwhelming. One thing is for sure though, no matter where you go you won’t miss out on pure beauty. Each building, each panel that paves the streets, each monument and church are telling stories.

This Day Trip from Split Croatia is going to be, at least, extraordinary.

Best Day Trips from Split Croatia Experience Dalmatia

Window to the Orient opens in Mostar

Town divided between religion and customs, but connected by a masterpiece made by Suleyman the Magnificent himself – the Old Bridge.

Mostar is a place where you come to eat great food, walk down a charming old street with traditional craft shops, buy authentic souvenirs and spend the rest of your day sitting at the top of a Mosque to enjoy a view that many are wishing to see.

This town is a town with a character, character that was built during centuries of different influences by all the civilizations that have crossed this town’s streets. You feel that atmosphere, you hear it, you touch it and you taste it. Do it. Go to Mostar.


Best Day Trips from Split Croatia are adventurous, especially in Omis

Omis is a tourist city with restaurants and shops on basically every corner. It is clean, close to pebble beaches, and a view from the 15th century fortress is stunning. It is definitively worth seeing, but the main activity you should sign up for is Rafting on River Cetina.

Almost three and a half hour long rafting trip down the River Cetina will make your adrenalin boost. Wild, but beautiful at the same time, river Cetina is an enjoyment, and assigning for this adventure is an imperative. You will feel alive.

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