Best city to visit in Croatia

You have probably googled where to go in Croatia a hundred times but got no final answer. Among so many beautiful places, it is hard to single out just one city that would be perfect for one’s travel. 

Each region has something that makes it unique and that stands out. That is why we can only do our best to highlight the most exceptional characteristics of the destinations.

If you are coming to this country for the second time, we have to disappoint you: it is equally hard to decide even the next time.

Istria, Dalmatia, city of Zagreb, Slavonia or maybe islands? Well, it kind of depends on the type of travel you are aiming for.

This blog post is going to present a very brief suggestion list and some valuable tips in its conclusion.

Best city to visit in Croatia for couples

There is something so romantic about vast lavender fields but also narrow cobbled stone streets. You can find them in Hvar, a perfect romantic getaway. This lovely island town is known to be the best wedding and honeymoon location in Croatia. Renting a boat to explore the Pakleni islands, scooter rides along the picturesque roads and wine tasting are just a few suggestions from many.

When we are at the theme of sunsets already, town Zadar has the most beautiful one. There you can find two fascinating installations: the greeting to the sun and the sea organ. The greeting to the sun is made of glass plates absorbing the sunlight during the day. When it gets dark outside, it creates an exciting light show that is fun to watch. Just a few steps away, there is the sea organ. It is an installation that uses sea waves to create different sounds. These objects make your ordinary romantic walk on the promenade a not so ordinary walk!

If the sea is not a huge factor in your romantic travel, visit the capital of Croatia- town Zagreb. Town Zagreb is filled with art galleries, great dining options and theatres. It is particularly romantic in the wintertime, around Christmas. During that time the whole city is nicely decorated and there are many concerts. Near the city, there are also few medieval castles with a fascinating history. Surrounded by untouched nature, they are a perfect spot for a day trip with your significant other.

Best city to visit in Croatia with family

When you think about traveling with your family, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably safety and then tourist facilities. So, is Croatia safe to travel?

Croatia is generally speaking a very safe country and suitable for family travel. There are numerous parks and open spaces where children can play and parents can relax for a moment. 

The best place to visit in Croatia with family is going to be somewhere around the town of Split, town Makarska and in the Istria region.

The Dalmatia region

Town Kastela is an excellent choice for family holidays. It is not overly crowded in the summer days and it offers great value for money. Additionally, the beaches and all of the fun activities are nearby. In about a half-hour drive you can be in Split, walking down the promenade and eating ice cream!

One more option is the town of Makarska. This town is smaller than Split but equally as interesting. It is a slower-paced seaside spot with beautiful nature and history. For those who enjoy a good day in the sun, Makarska riviera beaches are worth exploring.

The Istria region

The Istria region is a true gem where you will be able to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. There are many family hotels and resorts with kid-friendly amenities. We suggest basing in Medulin and exploring the rest of the peninsula from there.

Best city visit in Croatia with friends

Traveling with friends is always a mix of sightseeing, fun day excursions and exciting nightlife. In that case, town Split is all you need. It is a great base for visiting all the main attractions and islands. Assuming that you would like to introduce some adrenaline to your travel, you should try rafting and zip line in the Cetina river canyon. As far as nightlife is considered, many bars and nightclubs are offering good times. Town Split is going to be a heaven for those appreciating vibrant cities and those who are always on the go. 

If you go a bit more south, you will find that Dubrovnik city is also a destination worth visiting. You may discover your favorite TV show or movie was filmed there. Fascinating city walls will offer you amazing views but also entertainment. Inside the medieval fortress, there is one of the best clubs in Croatia. Many celebrities often drop in because of the unique setting and excellent atmosphere. Be a part of Dubrovnik’s luxury ambiance!


In conclusion, traveling around Croatia can be a lifetime experience for those who know what they are looking for. 

The most important advice on choosing the best city to visit in Croatia is that you take your time to research about this magnificent country. Write down all of your and your fellow traveler’s preferences and see which city could fulfill them. Also, keep an eye on the season. Some of the services are not available during the off-season part of the year. This situation mostly occurs in the coastal towns and islands because they offer a lot of nautical tours. Due to the weather conditions, it is impossible to make them happen.

There are many exciting places to visit no matter if you are traveling solo or in a group. Even if the city you chose was not something you were looking for, the country is small and well connected so you can be in another spot in no time!

If you do not like to travel solo, choose your travel partner wisely and start your Croatian adventure today!

You are still unsure about when to travel? Do not worry, read our previous blog post about the best time to visit Croatia!