This beautiful island is considered to be the pearl of the Croatian Adriatic islands. The island has a very favorable strategic position in the Open Sea, so for this reason in the history, island of Vis used as a military base for a many years. From the moment the Republic of Croatia became independent, Vis began to slowly but safely and soundly opening up to the outside world, offering at the same time the world inimitable history and traditions, enviable cultural heritage and unique and beautiful natural beauty. As time passed, the island has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia and even in the world.

Zátoka Stiniva

Throughout  turbulent history, a lot of population of this island started to leave, the reason why people leave their homes is that they were looking for a better life outside of this island. People went mainly overseas, in distant Australia and America. At the same time these same people carried with them all theirs knowledge and skills, and thus they helped in the development of new countries. Many of their descendants today visiting the island to learn about the history of their ancestors. Many of them also  remain surprised by all the beauty and the benefits provided by this island, and they begin to wonder why their ancestors ever had the need to leave this God-given Pearl of the Adriatic.


Reason why the natives left the island was mainly for economic reasons. In the past, residents mainly survived on agricultural activities, as well as fishing. Bad weather conditions and plague brought enormous economic difficulties for the residents of the island.  These are the some of the many reasons that forced people to leave. Today this trend of going from the island decreases. Many foreigners come just exactly on this island, and because of its exceptional beauty and possibilities never do not want more to leave this island. Many of them Vis became a real Croatian home.

Vis in their area has many areas that are worth a visit. For example: Blue Cave, Green Cave, Budikovac, Stiniva, Rukavac…