Ston as a small beautiful town located in the southern part of the Adriatic, near the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Ston is the capital of which is located right on the peninsula ride Pelješcu. How small this town proves the fact that it only 500 resident population.The history of this small fishing town goes back to the ancient 14th century. This city is characterized by the famous walls of Ston length of 5.5 kilometers, which is the longest stone wall in Europe. In addition to the walls of Ston town is full of narrow streets, old stone houses that were full of ancient history. In this town you can find numerous historic churches that desire to explore them.


Ston was the main fortress of the Dubrovnik Republic, which served as a defense mechanism. Often referred to as the city of salt because of the great drives of salt which are still active. To the gulf of Mali Ston are belong these places: Mali Ston, Duba, Luka and Hodilje. The town is characterized by the famous Dalmatian bush and beautiful sandy beaches. Ston is a city that is known for its production of many shellfish such as mussels and oysters, which are considered one of the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world. The climate is mild, humid and mainly Mediterranean character that favors many vineyards which are located in this area.


This town is a true oasis for people who want to enjoy the real Dalmatian cuisine. The town is full of famous seafood restaurants in which even months waiting for a reservation just to try local specialties excellent chefs. This town is the perfect place if you want a quiet perfect holiday full of good food, wine, culture, clean air, unspoiled nature and a break from the hectic city bustle.