Skradinski Buk

Skradinski buk is one of the most famous natural beauty which is located on the Krka River, just 45 km from the source. It is one of the largest travertine waterfall in Europe. This travertine barrier is formed due to the impact spillover nrijeke waterfalls and rivers Čikola. Because of this impact was created by many the most beautiful part of the landscape of Krka. It extends to 800 meters area. It’s beautiful walking paths around this natural beauty will give you direct contact with beautiful scenery and flora of this natural phenomenon.

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Waterfalls incurred influence of nature on this part really are unreal. Nearby are numerous mills that are now transformed into many restaurants and souvenir shops. On the river are located and iostaci first Croatian hydroelectric power. Skradinski buk will give you an unforgettable holiday for whole body in all seasons.

During winter time beautiful waterfalls are converted into the right čarabnu winter fairy tale. In the summer time during the great heat and spārniem’s natural beauty gives you the enjoyment of a pleasant chilled paths, waterfalls, shade where you can be left in potpubnosti enjoying it. If you want a little different kind of holiday full of entertainment avanturaizvan crowded beaches this is an ideal decision for you. Skradinski noise on this unreal serdenoj barrier can be cool in the hot summer days. You’ve heard correctly, it is allowed to swim in the pleasantly cooled freshwater water.

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Therefore, if you want something different from the classic beach vacation this is the ideal place for you. On this beautiful place all come back, really left an impression that this place is great. In the nearby meadows in deeply shaded, you can enjoy with your family picnic t. It is time that you give yourself a holiday of your dreams.

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