This city is located in the medium-section of the Mediterranean, it is entrenched town by the sea, which is full of attractive historical sites and rich culture. The city is surrounded and most importantly protected with mountain boondocks and very specific limestone cliffs. The city is proud and blessed at the same time of what in its own water is more than 300 islands, marine skerry and cliffs.  As part of its unique urban environment, the city boasts with a rich collection of vineyards.


Now, can you imagine yourself living in the 15th century, and that you are next to the remarkable contruction which is made of beautiful white stone blocks that is its beauty and greatness extends among the clouds, without any stanchion part made  for example of wood or any other bonding material. Certainly that seems as that it can only find something like that in your dream, but this dream is actually real. Exactly that kind of building you can find today in Šibenik which is called the Cathedral of St. Jacob. This historic building is one of the most important parts of the cultural and historical heritage of the city. The upbuilding of this cathedral is lasted 105 years, characterized by Gothic and Renaissance style of building. On The exterior of the cathedral there are 71 human heads, while the interior is decorated with numerous mosaics and sculptures. Since 2000, the Cathedral has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The city was founded by Croatians in the 9th century. Šibenik was first mentioned in the 11th century in a document written by the king Petar Krešimir IV. Throughout history, many nations wanted to fight for this exceptional city, and take it under their ownership. For example Austrian-Hungarian monarchy over Byzantium to Venice. But the city trough history has progressed, spred and grew, and what is most important evolved its culture, art, navigation, trade and economy in general. The city was under Venetian rule long for hundred years.  However, that historical era brings to the city many cultural and historical sites. Among them is the already mentioned Cathedral of St. Jacob. In the near Šibenik along the coast is around 250 islands, stretching over an area of about 160 square kilometers. Although in this area is a large number of islands, only 6 of them is settled where lives about  7.5 thousands people. Because of rare population living in this area,  Šibenik Archipelago is an attractive destination for people who seek peace, isolation, and who want to enjoy in the beautiful and unspoiled nature.