Sea Organ

Sea Organ is a real jewel of Zadar. Located on the waterfront. The perfect blend of architecture and music that inspires people from around the world. Are situated near poznaotg greet the sun on the west side of the waterfront. Author of the Sea Organ is engineer Nikola Basic. Sea organ consisting of several steps that gradually descend into the sea. On these stairs tourists enjoy for hours listening to the sounds of nature. At the lowest level of the stairs there are 35 pipes during shock waves-producing 7 different tones, which create a harmonious music pleasant to the ears. Sea Organ, the attraction of the city where he meets nature, wave, human creativity, masonry and architecture. This idea was originally a return old engineers to the town focusing on development of Croatia and Middle Dalmatia.


people to the shore and removed from the zatorenih space and really being managed. In summer, the sultry summer nights it really is impossible to find a free spot on the stairs. Many tourists while walking along the waterfront remain pleasantly surprised by the sound that comes out of these organs. Many families with small children, people who want to relax, meditate, they all find their place for the enjoyment of this right marine attraction. sea waves are in this case the main artist that his performance never stops and is always its part can not come to listen to any time of day or night.


This is indeed a specific attraction to the sea, which really can not be everywhere to see. In addition to the many natural beauties that gives Zadar really worth refer to this small Dalmatian town and feel extraordinary experience. In addition to the beautiful sounds that produce these sea organ that will soothe and relax on the stairs, you can enjoy the spectacular sunset. Is there a better combination for rest body and soul and wander off somewhere in his mind than the spectacular sea organ.