In a small town near Split, Solin, there is this old Roman ancient city. In the past, Salona was the capital of the Roman province. The remains of the ruins of the old town are a small part of what saved this historic gem stvrtavaju the real wealth of our past donated. In the past in this city where they lived Illyrian Dalmatians, the walls were built of large stone blocks, and the interior walls were decorated in true Roman style. The walls contained numerous theaters and thermal baths. During the migration period the city remained deserted and has since often in history books called the medieval Croatian city. Salon is located only 6 kilometers from spli, at the mouth of the river Jadro, and near the Bay. Good road links to the coast, coastal road and the road that leads the way Klis, led to a rapid and disturb the development of this strarovjekovnog city. An essential element of this city is built amphitheater which took place many gladiator fights that entertained people.


The city has perked up during the reign of Emperor Diocletian who built the nearby Split’s famous Diocletian’s Palace. Today the remains of the ruins of ancient Salona thoroughly in the 19th century explored the Don Frane Bulic who is their research wrote in his numerous literary part. This historic town, and the remains of the historic city, the walls, the ruins, the remains of the old church, the remains of the famous amphitheater is a real find for lovers of history and those who are about to become. The tour of this ancient historic Roman town will take you back to past times, where people entertained the gladiator fights, and where the ancient Romans užvali all the benefits of a bath. This historical event waiting to start exploring and vratitte in history. As you walked through the remains of the city you will feel the breath of the past who once reigned in this region.