Radovan Portal

This portal lists the the church ST. Lawrence in Trogir and one of the most in Dalmatia. Trogir Cathedral St. Lawrence’s most famous monument of Trogir, which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The cathedral has really thick walls where Averages passes with arches, which is still early Romanesque method. But Trogir is the most monumental Dalmatian Romanesque cathedrals and churches.


Church has small window openings which are divided by pilasters on the south side facade. In the central part of the facade there is a small round hole in which there is a carved coat of arms of the strongest dinstije Croatian-Hungarian Kingdom, the Angevin dynasty of King Louis.In the cathedral are present noticeable styles from Romanesque to Baroque, and in it are valuable works of art. It was named after its sculptor Radovan which he carved in 1240. Includes a romantic Gothic style. Represents orvij sin (Adam and Eve) and redemption (Nativity). This portal can also be found and carved numerous saints and apostles and months. . The sculpture of the famous portal is an example of Gothic humanism and realism, historical Romanesque style. On the pillars are located next door to the scenes of hunting involved in plant tendrils and. The posts of the portal are detailed depictions of characters horoscope Side are figures of Adam (right) and Eve (left) standing on lions. This portal is a true historic Christian monument which is worth a visit.


On this cathedral can find many styles of building that you can explore at every corner of the cathedral. The portal can be read Christian history, therefore, represents a valuable cultural and historical monument. If you’re a fan of churches and historical styles construc this cathedral will enchant you as soon as you step in front of her. In addition to the external beauty of the cathedral also hides the internal mnogbrojne monuments that are worth visiting.