Pocitelj is a city full of tourist potential which is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Neretva River valley. The fort of Pocitelj is located on the left bank of the river Neretve, and historically protected the entrance to the valley of the Neretva. This fort has had a significant and important role in the fight against the Ottomans.


The picturesque town to the last measured data hiding for less than 900 people who are permanent residents. This small town began to develop in the distant 16th century. Due to its recent promotion in 2003 was declared a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a valuable archaeological monument lies the famous tower Gavran Kapetanović. Pocitelj was the war-damaged historic village in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but have since authorities focused on the reconstruction of the entire cultural resources. Since 2000, the local government began to implement a program of protection, rehabilitation and revitalization of the historic village, including a mosque, a Muslim high school, and the rest of the building. Because of the many war population were forced to leave. This historic village is dominated mostly oriental building styles that are mixed with Mediterranean style and Počitelju give a special specificity. In this place at the first weekend in June organized tourist event Trešnjava Sunday that certainly worth a visit.


This city is called the city of the past and the future. He was left a trail of many Turkish battles in history, large walls that reach high above the Neretva river, but despite this the city is and his desire for the renewal of hope left younger population to return and to return life to him. The city hides untouched nature, extraordinary beauty, a collision of many cultures, beautiful river Neretva, and peace that can only provide a place like this. The city is also located near Sarajevo, Mostar and Čapljina.