Plitvice Lakes

Natural phenomenon is a jewel of Croatia visited by thousands of tourists each year. Inestimable value, miracle of nature and place in which you have to fall in love. Plitvice lakes are located in middle of Croatia between places Mala kapela and Plješivica,  in the area of river Korana. Created long time ago – 16 large and a lot of small azure pool spills are connected by rocky outcrops and waterfalls after which river Korana keeps its journey to town Karlovac.

Due to the natural beauty of the waterfalls, cascades, caves and rocks, which offer a beautiful mosaic of colours, sounds and shapes surrounded by high mountain forest terrain, Plitvice lakes were declared in 1949 as a declared a National Park, and  in 1979 UNESCO have protected this largest and oldest national park in Europe! Electric trains and river boats can that drive you through the park, and its visitors can explore it in one day. You can take a sightseeing by walking throought the National Park, walking on the narrow paths and crossing wooden bridges which are just few inches above the river surface. Area is surrounded by dense forests of beech, spruce and flowers.

The park is open whole yoar round, and is most beautiful to visit during the summer months, but the you can feel it in a specal way during winter months when visitors are breath taken when they see the frozen waterfalls. The best way to feel it would be to choose to spend a few days in the Plitvice National Park. Accommodation is possible in family homes in the area, hotels and rooms.


Waterfalls were created by the sedimentation of stone travertine. It is a special type of limestone. The park has a huge collection of rocky cascades, waterfalls, small lakes, primordial forests and huge diversity of animal life. There are also several caves in the park, and some of them you can explore on your own.

The beauty of Plitvice and its attractiveness as  a result of untouched nature, gypsum plants and  animal life. Lakes are representing a magnificent natural phenomenon, surrounded by dense forests inhabited by animals such as bears, wolves and full with other animala and special plant species.

Plitvice Lakes Tour