Old Bridge Mostar

In one of the most famous cities of Bosnia and Hercehovine, in Mostar, there is this fascinating historical building. As the most famous symbol of the city of Mostar, the Old Bridge is situated on the Neretva river. This historic bridge was built by Suleiman the Magnificent in 1566. As its name suggests, this bridge is the guardian of the city. In the war of 1993 the bridge was completely destroyed and only fully restored in 2004 after which it was included on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

old-bridge-mostar-river-neretva-min The bridge connects the two parts of the city. This is the first cultural paneling monument that is listed on the UNESCO list. In addition to what makes a thing of the past, quali on wartime events, today’s most real tourist attraction. The summer months are in competition known jumping off a bridge in a fascinating green Neretva. The City of Mostar is a friend of all cultures and religions. and for this reason it is a perfect multicultural center that exudes a friendly atmosphere.

The area of the Old Bridge, with its different architectural features, is an outstanding example of a multicultural urban settlement. It is considered one of the thinner and more elegant bridges in these areas. Because of its great stone blocks, color bridge is changed during Danin due to the light that falls on it. The bridge was built entirely of stone arch bridge is a long 29 and 20 meters high. If you are lovers of architecture, history and war remnants that are restored this city is ideal professional opportunity for pojestit it. In all seasons will delight but the biggest impression on you will provide in the summer.


The atmosphere of the cold Neretva River passing under the bridge will enchant you. Old Bridge is located in the very center of the Old Town where you will find many souvenir shops, cafes and many restaurants that will delight you with their authentic and well-known kitchen.