This famous historic town developed in the 15th and 16th century and located on the banks of the Neretva River. Mostar has long been known for its Turkish houses and the fascinating Old Bridge. Most of the historic town and the Old Bridge was designed by the famous architect Sinan. But in the war that occurred in the early nineties most of the city just like that bridge have been tarnished.


The historical  Old Bridge and many of the edifices in the Old Town was recently rebuilt with the contribution of an international scientific committee established by UNESCO. Restored old town and the bridge became a symbol of reconciliation, as well as the place where they meet a variety of cultural, religious and ethnic communities. Mostar settlement was founded as the original urban structure of the 15th century in the valley of the Neretva River and the foot of the mountains Velez. Mostar is well connected by land and river traffic. Mostar is of ancient history known for its arts building Turkish houses and Old Bridge. Although the war period lasted very long, human creativity and natural phenomena have shaped this Mostar what we see today. Mostar’s historic buildings have elements very valuable universal values.


If you visit Mostar in the summer, you will be greeted in the real attraction in the old town. Jumping from the Old Bridge in a pleasant chilled river come to see people from all over the world. Indeed, these people are full of courage who decide on such an endeavor. This charming town is full of kindness, warmth and welcome that you provide locals. In this city you can find the right Turkish coffee, many Turkish specialties as well as many souvenirs that are specific to this region. Mostar is a city that does not come only once, you will see, once you exit the city, you will start to plan new visit to this warm and charming town.