In 1981 appeared to Virgin Mary, since then this quiet little town becomes a major pilgrimage destination for all true believers Chatolics. This religious town situated in Bosnia and Herzegovina, near the Croatian border, and only 25 kilometers away from the famous town of Mostar. Because of the alleged apparitions that occurred local representative offices this city becomes an unavoidable religious place. Medjugorje is situated at an altitude of 200 meters, and his name literally means “between the mountains”. The city is mostly made up of ethnic Croatian population. When you come to this town, do not forget to visit the church of St. Jacob.


According to the data, the first apparition of the Holy Virgin Mary wason the hill called Crnica , or more precisely at a place called Podbrdo. People who happened to this apparition are terrified and they did not get closer to her. Throughout history occurred a total of six apparitions, and  Međugorje has become the preferred religious tourist attraction. The famous seer had only 16 when it happened to her.  Her name is Vicka Ivanković . She claims that is talking to the Blessed Virgin Mary every day, and she said her that her mission in life is to pray for the sick people every day. Vicka continued meetings with the pilgrims from  the whole world. Because of her smile full of joy that did not come down from her face, many of them call her “the smiling visionary”.


This little town is full of peace and tranquility if you are looking for that. People are very kind and friendly. In the vicinity of Medjugorje is also known Ethno village that is worth visiting. There you can find beautiful autochthonous stone houses, ponds, as well as many domestic animals such as a donkey and a horse. Also in Medjugorje and nearby restaurants offered excellent indigenous food that will knock your socks off.