Ljubljana is one of Europe’s medium-sized city, where lives somewhere around 300,000 people. This romantic city full of artists, historians, writers, and numerous galleries and museums. The people in it are friendly, and the city is full of scenic and fairytale places that will enchant you. During the winter in this city is dominated central European spirit, while the spirit of the Mediterranean feel in the summer. Ljubljana is cover with a number of green areas, so many people call it the green city. Because of the large, beautiful and well-kept green spaces this city is 2016 recipient of the European green capital award. In the city we can find the remains of the old Roman city of Emona.


In the city center we find numerous baroque and decorative facades. The town has many hidden gems that you really need to visit. Like the river Ljubljanica, and Tivoli Park, which is located in the city center. In this interesante town at every step to find traces of the Italian baroque. In the second half of the 20th century known Ljubljana architect Joze Plecnik left an indelible mark on Ljubljana Uluca throughout the city. This is a relatively young city with a modern way of life dominated by mostly younger generations that is at the same time full of historical traditions and heritage of the inhabitants extremely proud.

The dragon is the symbol of the city which is on the coat of arms and the flag, as a symbol often is present and on city streets. The dragon is also often appears on many souvenirs. In addition to numerous castles, bridges, beautiful streets, churches, beautiful green area untouched Ljubljana also has an enviable cuisine.


If you want to return to the past, feel the Baroque style, dragons, enjoy these beautiful streets that reflect the history and modernity at the same time, this city is an ideal destination for you.