Klis Fortress

This charming complex is located in the hinterland of Split. It was founded at the foot of the famous medieval fortress Klis. In the past, the fort played an important role in -reaching resistance against the Turks. The fort is situated between Mosor and Kozjak. Because of its good strategic position Klis Fortress was first mentioned nu 5th century, when Peter Kružić, along with their Uskočka years or decades resisted the Turks and their attempts to conquer the fort.


But resistance deserters in 1537 and gave him Klis Fortress fell npod Turkish rule. Croats in this area, and then became the main center of Croatian princes and kings. At that time ruled the kingdom Trpimirović. When this dynasty died out, sometime in the 13th century Klis at the hands of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Due to its specific position on a huge gorges, this fort constituted the fortress that is difficult, but it is almost impossible to beat. Klis was also published in 1648, and then to the Venetians. Exactly Venetians and their renewal Klis can thank the remains of which are still proud. Klis Fortress carries a huge burden of history


Today the tower Klis izvrno preserved and many tourists visit it. In it we can find preserved remnants tidina, known Turku fountain, fortresses and many guns. OoVoo place exudes history and bent wars. From the top of the fortress offers a spectacular section of the city of Split and Dalmatian otokr. Only when you get on this tvđvu on this impressive rocky gorges will understand why this is in history was regarded as one of the safe fortress. The fort is bent extremely important for the entire region of Dalmatia, and all the residents are proud of their Kliški deserters. The road to the fortress is passable for a car so no excessive effort.