This small town you can  found in the central part of Dalmatia. Imotski is first mentioned in literary work “De Administrando Imperio”, written by renowned historian Constantine Porphyrogenitus during the reign of the Byzantine emperor in 950 this year. This city has many historic attractions that are worth visiting, and one of them is the fortress Topana which was built in the 10th century.


This fortress is fortunately very well preserved and it is beautiful and stunning view of the entire city. Inside of this famous fortress Topana, there is a church devotes patron of the city, “Lady of the Angels”. If you want to vacation on beautiful beaches, it can provide you with nearby Dalmatian coast. However if you wish to experience a new experience, you can visit the beautiful Krka National Park and Plitvice National Park, which is fascinating for its beauty in all seasons. Imotski is a real discovery among tourist destinations, close to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and of the split is  only 90 minutes drive with a car.


This extremely interesting town hides its two pearls, which are Blue and Red Lake. Blue Lake is to the locals known summer beach where residents find refreshment. It is famous for its large crater that is about 800 meters long and wide about 500 square meters. The depth of the lake is fascinating 147 meters. In the hot summer days this lake will dry up but then maintains the famous local football match between the two teams “Elves” and “Werewolves”.

Imotski is the perfect place where you can enjoy the natural beauty outside the city noise, hiking and other activities. Food and drinks of this place will leave you breathless and specific mentality of the local population. The untouched nature that longs to fully explore awaits you.