One of the most famous series of today, Game of Thrones, was shot in the old town of Dubrovnik. Therefore, if you are in Dubrovnik, be sure to visit the Old Town. The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is part of a rich heritage. The historic town center with Stradun, Church of St. Blaise, Rector’s Palace, Sponza Palace, Orlando’s Column and numerous other churches, streets and museums is an important part of tourism. In Dubrovnik overlap numerous styles such as Baroque, Renaissance and Romanticism that reflect its historical beauty. Within the old town there are all the important urban and cultural attractions. Be sure to climb the city walls that offer a view of the entire city.


The city walls of Dubrovnik are definitely the most known feature. City walls were built in the 11th century. High about 6 meters and long about 2 kilometers in length they were providing defence aganist enemies in history. Dubrovnik city walls were modified in 14th century and now they are using as a tourist attraction. Stunning views over Adriatic sea make them perfect spot for dining and walking.

Another spectacular place in Dubrovnik old town is Stradun. Place where tourists and locals spend day and night to watch amazing Dubrovnik summer pass by. Real symbol of Dubrovnik and undoubtedly one of many Europe’s top picturesque spots. Stradun is like pedestrian where many cafes and small restaurants provide Mediterraen food and serving local drinks.


Centuries ago Dubrovnik’s famous Pile Gates have been the main entrance and they are still the most important access spot to this amazing city.  Dubrovnik is formerly surrounded by a walls built in 14. century and Pile Gates represent their most important entrance. This is definitely one of the „must see“ places in Croatia and you definitely won’t be disappointed visiting Dubrovnik.