Devil’s Islands

Hvar can appoint a real pearl of the Adriatic. This is a fascinating island and city. This collection of limestone islands located in the southern part of the island. According to research, the name they get to the resin, which in the past was used in shipbuilding. These islands are full of beautiful secluded beaches, deserted sunlit bay. St. Clement is the largest of this group of islands, which contains one of the most famous beach Palmižana. St. Clement is the largest of this group of islands, which is known Palmižana. On Palmižana you can visit the small museum and gallery which in the past built a well-known professor Eugen Meneghello. In this group of islands, Jerome is the closest island of Hvar.


Because of the number of islands, strong currents, navigability between the islands is difficult. These islands are among the true natural monument. They are full of vegetation typical for Dalmatian islands. The prevailing bushes and alpine pine. Because of the extreme wealth of natural beauty, the construction of these islands is strictly prohibited. For this reason, these islands are a real pearl of nature intact. On them you can rest your soul and body.


These islands are a must for all tourists who want to visit the pearls of untouched nature. Cleanliness sea, beautiful coastline and beaches, unspoiled nature will impress you at first. These islands many svrtavaju in the most beautiful part of the Croatian. If you want to experience the magic of the most beautiful Dalmatian coast, these islands are a real discovery for you. Let us and let us together Opel and visit these islands on which we will together enjoy the charms of Dalmatian cuisine. Treat yourself to a dream vacation that you do your mind and body will not forget. Treat yourself to a holiday of a lifetime.