Cathedral of St. James

This pearl of the town of Sibenik is worth mentioning and visiting. Cathedral. James is a great architectural wonder built in the 15th and 16th centuries. Because of its historical peculiarities, 2000 was included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. The construction of this fascinating cathedral began Bogan Pulšić. Construction of the cathedral has three development phases. Due to years of construction on the cathedral are present various styles of building. In the second phase, which began in 1441, appearing early-Renaissance style building with all kinds of painting room elements.


The second phase of construction is by  Juraj Dalmatinac, whose death in 1443 completed the second phase of construction of the cathedral. In this second phase of construction of the cathedral was present mixed Gothic-Renaissance style building. The third phase of construction is quite the Renaissance building, started in 1445 and lasted until 1536. The Sibenik cathedral is worth a visit. Its interior exudes history, church facade was amazing to see the waterfront. Inside the church is also known historic baptismal font. The most famous part of the Cathedral of the roof and domes which are made entirely of stone. The roof is semi-circular. The interior of the cathedral is divided into two parts of which one is intended for the faithful.


This pearl of the diocese of Sibenik is worth a visit. If you are a lover of history and architecture of the cathedral is a real gem for you. It is full of styles, history, details you can observe days and explore. Entering the cathedral will return you in the past time and absolutely get away from modernism who is today on every corner. Today is rare to find such a historic gem, which due to centuries of construction carries several styles of building. The cathedral provides an unforgettable experience and a journey through history that you will definitely want to experience again.