Blue Lagoon

At only 15 kilometers from Split is situated in an untouched pearl of the Adriatic. Island Drvenik among the many beauties which can be proud of, one is proud of its exceptional. And that is the Blue Lagoon. This wonderful, God-given untouched cove surrounded by two small islands called the Large and Small Krknjaši. This unreal tropical paradise is a rare phenomenon that is rarely seen, but not to our coasts can be proud with this natural phenomenon. The sandy beaches, shallow water, crystal azure blue sea in which this phenomenon is named, will really impress you. Blue Lagoon Split is one of the most popular places in this area! 🙂


This place is a major destination of many yachtsmen, sailors and a very large number of tourists who want to relax in a tropical atmosphere on our Adriatic. Colours that flow into the sea really are unrealistic and not be able to wait and not to dive into the depths of the sea. Due to the crystal clear sea, underwater beauty of this area is tempting many divers. The island is easily accessible by boat. If you want a quiet summer holiday on a sheltered and peaceful coves this is the perfect place for you. In addition to a mythical landscape, the coast are full of Dalmatian restaurants where you can enjoy all the local seafood, fish, olive oil and a number of high-quality Dalmatian wines.


Blue Lagoon will provide a slightly different holiday than the rest of the usual beaches on the Adriatic. This is something that is worth visiting for possible really will not regret it in any moment. Once you enter and dive into the depths of the sea pedivne feel will be blessed as in paradise and never want to come out. Therefore, pack your swimsuit and head for the adventure of a lifetime that gives you the Paradise Beach.