This charming small island located in the Krka National Park on Lake Visovac. Visovac want to sit between Skradinski buk and Roški waterfall. Built by the priests and is therefore owned by the Catholic Church. It also includes in one of Marjan shrines in Croatia. On the island there are a monastery and church. It […]

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Radovan Portal

This portal lists the the church ST. Lawrence in Trogir and one of the most in Dalmatia. Trogir Cathedral St. Lawrence’s most famous monument of Trogir, which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The cathedral has really thick walls where Averages passes with arches, which is still early Romanesque method. But Trogir is […]

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Klis Fortress

This charming complex is located in the hinterland of Split. It was founded at the foot of the famous medieval fortress Klis. In the past, the fort played an important role in -reaching resistance against the Turks. The fort is situated between Mosor and Kozjak. Because of its good strategic position Klis Fortress was first […]

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Sea Organ

Sea Organ is a real jewel of Zadar. Located on the waterfront. The perfect blend of architecture and music that inspires people from around the world. Are situated near poznaotg greet the sun on the west side of the waterfront. Author of the Sea Organ is engineer Nikola Basic. Sea organ consisting of several steps […]

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Kravice Waterfalls

Kravice Waterfalls are well known national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are 10 kilometers away from the famous religious center Medjugorje. Kravice Waterfalls spread on an area of 128 meters and the maximum height they were a little less than 30 meters. This waterfall is one of the largest in the region. In addition […]

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Old Bridge Mostar

In one of the most famous cities of Bosnia and Hercehovine, in Mostar, there is this fascinating historical building. As the most famous symbol of the city of Mostar, the Old Bridge is situated on the Neretva river. This historic bridge was built by Suleiman the Magnificent in 1566. As its name suggests, this bridge […]

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Blue Lagoon

At only 15 kilometers from Split is situated in an untouched pearl of the Adriatic. Island Drvenik among the many beauties which can be proud of, one is proud of its exceptional. And that is the Blue Lagoon. This wonderful, God-given untouched cove surrounded by two small islands called the Large and Small Krknjaši. This […]

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In a small town near Split, Solin, there is this old Roman ancient city. In the past, Salona was the capital of the Roman province. The remains of the ruins of the old town are a small part of what saved this historic gem stvrtavaju the real wealth of our past donated. In the past […]

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Golden Horn

You’ve always been looking for a beach of dreams. One of them is hiding in Croatia and is worth a visit. This beautiful pearl of the Adriatic is situated in the southern part of the island of Brac in a place called the beach of Bol is specific in many ways. The world can be […]

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skradinski-buk-split-krka-croatia (5)

Skradinski Buk

Skradinski buk is one of the most famous natural beauty which is located on the Krka River, just 45 km from the source. It is one of the largest travertine waterfall in Europe. This travertine barrier is formed due to the impact spillover nrijeke waterfalls and rivers Čikola. Because of this impact was created by […]

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