Bled is the only island which is located in Slovenia. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Bled is the first reference to the German Emperor Henry II exactly before 1,000 years. This charming town fasting for thousands of years and people are really coming back often to him. It is located on Lake Bled.


Beautiful Lake Bled is one of the most visited natural attractions in Slovenia. Located at 475 m above sea level in the north or the west side of the Slovenian Alps. Although the lake is not much away from main roads, a visit to the lake requires a little adrenaline planning. His charm ist the reason  why tourists always come back to this place. On the island in the lake natives worshiped the goddess of love and fertility called Ziva. On the island is also a church of St. Mary in which many pilgrims come from all over the world for years. Due to its favorable geographical position it is suitable for development of winter and summer tourism. This fascinating town will give you to enjoy many activities, such as walking, many hiking trails, fishing, golf, explore the nearby castles.


Bled has numerous hotels that hurt fantastic e arrangements for holidays, such as enjoying the thermal springs and other spa services. Beautiful unspoiled nature that surrounds it, the beauty of the lake, historic castles are just some of the attractions that will give you this town if you want to spend your vacation right here. In addition to the attractive landscape Bled in your neighborhood has many famous restaurants that will more closely approximate the magic of Slovenian cuisine from which you can try one of the most famous Bled cream cake. Throughout history, many of the elite decided to stay just in such a natural phenomenon, and why you should not you treat yourself to this same pleasure?